We are offering various kind of Strapping band and Tools. Contact us for more information.

  • Pet Strapping Tools

    Made available for use for different specifications of PET straps, we offer both manual grade tools and semi-auto grade tools (both battery and non-battery operated).
  • Plastic Buckle Clips

    Plastic buckles is not very strong, suggest for light weight item only, not suitable for heavy or large item.
  • Polyester Strapping

    PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate and is a high quality plastic resin in Polyester. PET Strapping has a higher tensile strength than PP (Polypropylene) strapping and its characteristics are long life, resistance to ultraviolet light and is weatherproof.
  • PP Full Auto Strapping Band

    It can be used for a range of purposes: from securing in dividual packages, providing functional carrying straps to ecuring heavy cargo pallets.
  • PP Semi Auto Strapping Band

    Made from a polypropylene resin and colored with pigment additives.
  • PP Strapping – Manual Trap

    Manual Strap is commonly used for heavy load carton securing. Manual Strapping Band is best used with Manual Strapping Tools.
  • Serrated Seals

    Serrated Seals are qualified for use with our PET straps. The serrated pattern stops the strap from slipping during strap tensioning.