Chukoh ASF-121FR 0.8 (T) x 13mm x 10M


Adhesive tape processed with one side fluoroplastic (PTFE) film and applied a silicone adhesive. Light gray in color as the surface treatment method is different from the ASF-110.

  • Using releacing property for heat seal machine, fusing machine, and vacuum packaging machine
  • Enables masking, sliding promotion under high temperature and chemical atmosphere
  • Electric insulation covering at high temperature

Operating temperature limit: -60°C to +200°C


  • Low shrinkage at high temperature and excellent surface smoothness.
  • The surface of the tape has excellent anti-adhesion qualities as well as release property, chemical resistivity, and water-repellent property.
  • Excellent electric insulation and dimensional stability.
  • Meets UL510 standard.


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