Sales & Shipping Policy


Order & Acceptance
All orders are subject to review and acceptance by SUCCESS PACKAGING. These are the conditions of sale:

  1. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Your order may not be accepted by SUCCESS PACKAGING. For rejected orders by SUCCESS PACKAGING and payment already made by customer, we will refund your payment within 1 week.
  3. Availability issues to you after you place your order.
    For those order made and paid, order cancellation is not allowed.
    Customer may cancel the order, only if, payment has yet to be paid.

* Price placed on online store might different from physical store.
* If there is no respond from customer or no payment made within 5 days from the order date, SUCCESS PACKAGING has the right to cancel the order.

Delivery or Shipment
Once your order has been accepted and you have made your payment, we will arrange for shipment.
We may provide tracking number to you, once the shipment is processed. We utilize various delivery options, including 3rd party logistics providers.
If the item(s) ordered are in-stock, we will deliver or ship them as soon as possible. If the item(s) ordered are out of stock, it will not be shipped until we process the back ordered inventory. This process can range from 3 working days to 14 working days.
Customer shall be responsible for the cost to resend a package that is returned.

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